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Procedure and Fees

Successful portraits are a collaboration between the client and the artist.  To this end, an initial meeting is scheduled to discuss the idea of the portrait.  Will it be formal or casual, sitting or standing, what clothing, what background?  This meeting also provides an opportunity to have all client questions answered.

A photography session of about one or more hours is planned to explore different poses, composition, lighting, and angles.  The client will participate in the selection of photographs and together with the artist decide what would make the best portrait.  For various reasons, the client may need or prefer to provide the artist with a photograph.  Once the concept is approved, the portrait is painted and delivered to the client.  Final adjustments can always be made.

Portraits can take anywhere from four weeks to six months to complete depending on size and complexity.  Every portrait Phyllis completes is uniquely designed to fit the needs and purposes of the client.

The prices for individual oil portraits start at $600.00.
Individual pastel portraits start at $500.00.

Upon commission of the portrait, a deposit of 1/3 is payable.  The balance is due at the time of delivery. 

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